The Process Serving Rush Specialists

The Rush Specialists

At Action Process Serving Ltd., all our servers are available anytime by cellular phone and text message, so that we can respond immediately to your rush service needs.

Action Process Serving Ltd. was established in 1985 by Rod Livingston, who now has over 35 years of process serving experience. Action Process Serving Ltd. offers process serving within British Columbia and around the world. We are always available for rush services and take pride in getting the job done, whatever the requirements may be.

At Action Process Serving Ltd., we have served documents from every Province in Canada and almost every State in the US and are familiar with the rules. We prepare Affidavits of Service that are customized to meet the requirements of every jurisdiction we serve for.

Rod Livingston is the longest standing member of the National Association of Process Servers.


Action Process Serving Ltd. is Hauge Convention service certified.

Action Process Serving Ltd.

1230-777 Hornby Street,
Vancouver, BC V6Z 1S4


Toll Free: 1-888-88-SERVE (1-888-887-3783)

Ph: 604-682-SERV (604-682-7378)

Fax: 604-682-4369