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Law Firms

Our service fee for individuals includes 3 attempts at each address or 15 minutes wait time. Kilometers are charged from the nearest of the Vancouver (minimum 5 km one-way), New Westminster (minimum 10 km one-way), or Abbotsford (minimum 30 km one-way) courthouses. After 3 attempts, the per attempt charge is $15.00 each, and only one-way kilometers are charged. Rush services are based on actual kilometers travelled for the first attempt and Super Rush services are based on actual kilometers travelled for all service attempts.

Rush services are services which require same day attention either because of a looming deadline or special service requirements. Super Rush services are services which require our servers to stop what they are doing and attend to your service immediately, or services requested outside regular service hours.

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Simply put, it often takes more than three attempts to serve individuals. We need to attend at different times of the day to catch individuals, so we need six days to make an evening, morning, afternoon, and weekend attempt. If we don’t get six days because of your service requirements, a rush fee is applicable. Appointments at specific times arranged by clients are subject to Super Rush fees. If we get a hot tip on the whereabouts of a party to be served and we successfully serve, there is a $20.00 rush fee applicable.

Service on an individual
Service on a business
Additional parties (same time, same place)
Additional Action (same time)
Additional Attempts (same address)
Kilometer charge from Vancouver, New Westminster, or Abbotsford courthouses (nearest point) (minimum kilometres apply – see above)
*Regular service round trip charge on first three attempts - one-way trip charge on all subsequent attempts
Regular Affidavit of Service (Affidavits requested after invoicing will be charged $50.00)
Affidavit of Attempted Service
Notarized Affidavit
Affidavit of attempted service Notarized
Cell Call and emails from field
Additional cell calls and emails
Supply of conduct money
Personal property search
Rush Fee (individuals - 6 day deadline; business - 3 day deadline)
Super Rush Fee (individuals - next day deadline; business - same day deadline)
*Rush service kilometre charge is based on actual distance
Wait-time (per 15 minute interval)
*Service fee includes 15 mins of wait time
*For wait times over one hour, please call to arrange that service
In field Locate
Investigation/Research Locate
Skip Trace (minimum $125.00 administrative charge per request)
Rush traces available. Call for quote.
Affidavit of attempted locate

Our Service

Our individual service fee includes 3 attempts at each address and a total of 15 minutes of wait time. Kilometers are billed from the nearest of the Vancouver, New Westminster or Abbotsford courthouses (as relevant). Minimum charges apply. Round trip charges apply to the first 3 attempts only. Subsequent attempts are charged at a rate of $10.00 per attempt and only one-way kilometers are charged. Super rush attempts are based on actual kilometers necessary to attend to service.

Rush Services

Rush services are services that require same day attention. If service on an individual is required in less than seven (7) days, or on a business in less than three (3) days, rush fees apply, so that we can get the documents to our server quickly and that we are able to make our three attempts on individuals at appropriate times of the day or week.

Super Rush

Super rush fees apply if an individual must be served in less than two (2) days or same day service is required on a business.


Rush fees apply to all services requested that can only be accomplished outside of regular service hours or when any appointment has been arranged by the client.

Regular Service Hours

9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday

9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Friday

8 a.m. – 12  p.m. Saturday

Rush fee may apply Sunday and Holidays

See Schedule for Services Fees

How do we keep service costs down?

  • We are very efficient with our attempts at service, using our experience to judge the best time to achieve successful service.
  • After our third attempt (including rush services) we bill only one-way kilometers. Each additional attempt is only a nominal charge of $10.00.
  • We bill kilometers from the nearest city to the target address. Cities are Vancouver, New Westminster or Abbotsford. (Minimum charges apply.)
  • Preferred clients receive a 10 – 15% discount when dealing with difficult services in order to avoid escalated service fees. (See below for surcharges that may apply).

Schedule for Surcharges

List of Surcharges
Weekend Surcharge
Services with deadlines before noon on Monday (or Tuesday on a holiday weekend, ordered on the previous Friday.
Hospital Surcharge
Services at major hospitals with more than 3 buildings. These include: Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital, and Richmond General Hospital.
University Surcharge
Any Post-Secondary Institution with more than 5 buildings and a student body of 5,000 or more students.
Prison Surcharge
Prisons often require appointments. Service attempts often involve a waiting time of 30 minutes or more. Charges based on time spent.
Early or Late Surcharge
Applicable when a service is requested to be served outside of regular service hours. Also applicable when a defendant is contacted and instructs that service can only be achieved by meeting the individual outside of regular service hours.
Affidavit Return on Rush
Applicable when client requests an Affidavit of Service or an Affidavit of Attempted Service to be provided in less than 48 hours from the time of service for local clients; 72 hours for non-local clients.
Secure Building Surcharge
The success rate on the first attempt at a building/complex with security access is less than 5%. Multiple attempts and entry strategies are often required.

Fee Schedule - Out-of-Town Services (Outside Greater Vancouver Area)

Handling fees:

British Columbia
Other Provinces
United States
Outside of Canada and U.S

(Additional Parties – same city – Half-price)

Over the past 30 years Action Process Serving LTD. has established a successful working relationship with an extensive number of agents who we liaise with on a regular basis to assist with process serving throughout British Columbia and Canada. In addition, our longstanding membership with the National Association of Professional Process Servers (“NAPPS”) affords access to an extensive roster of over 2000 process serving agents throughout North America. We are able to utilize these agents with confidence in their ability to achieve proper service.

In addition, we employ a Service Specialist who monitors National and International service requests. Special attention is given to ensure the out-of-town services are done correctly, on time and that proper proof of service is obtained.

Our Handling Fee includes finding and contacting the appropriate agent for the impending service and postage fees (courier fees extra if requested by client). We provide a template Affidavit of service to the agent to insure that proof of service is correct. (Extensive inquiry follow-up time may result in extra fees.)

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