The Process Serving Rush Specialists


All our process servers are available anytime and we alert our servers within minutes of all rush requests. An on-call process server is available after office hours by calling our main phone number.


Rod Livingston is the founding principal of Action Process Serving Ltd. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia, and has been providing exceptional process serving to clients for over 35 years.

Dean and Avtar have over 35 and 30 years, respectively, of process serving experience with Action Process Serving Ltd. These team members have joined Rod Livingston as partners in the company.

Riun, Carrie and Camilla round out our team of experienced, dedicated and results-driven process servers.

What makes success most likely when using our services?

  • Our process servers know the rules of service. When in doubt, we seek legal guidance to ensure service rules are abided by.
  • We have developed many strategies to accomplish service promptly. For example, many residences are in secure buildings, but we have developed methods to gain access into those locations. This increases our chances of successful service of documents.
  • We are flexible and react immediately to rush requests from clients. In most cases our servers go directly to your office to pick up documents eliminating wasted time and expense to have documents couriered to our office.
  • When a service request is not on a rush basis, we are prompt in getting the service started, often picking up the documents the same day. When this is not possible we employ a group of legal couriers at no cost to you to ensure your regular service is dealt with expeditiously.
  • We assign each service to a particular process server rather than passing the assignment between multiple servers. This allows our servers to observe and learn from subtle changes taking place between attempts so that service can be completed without accelerated cost to our client.
  • Our servers are aware of the nature of the documents they are serving and are experienced in assessing the likelihood that a defendant may be evasive. Our aim is to mitigate costs using the best approach possible.
  • Through experience, we are aware of the best time of day to serve individuals depending on their occupation and life style. This often prevents wasted attempts at service.

Action Process Serving Ltd.

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