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A Picture Is Worth No Words (in an argument)

Rod was trying to serve Divorce Papers on a landscape company owner, we’ll call him “Jim”, but he would never answer his door, even when his landscape truck was parked in front of his house. Rod spotted one of his trucks one day and gave chase, following the vehicle to the parking lot of a North Vancouver pub. The driver got out of the truck but it wasn’t Jim. Rod asked the driver if Jim was around and the driver said “Hey, we are meeting at the pub here in fifteen minutes, you can say ‘hi’ to him when he gets here”. Rod, thinking the man may alert Jim, told the driver that he had to go. Rod said he needed a hedge trimmed (true enough, but he wasn’t going to call Jim to do it!). He said he would try to call Jim tomorrow and Rod pretended to drive away, but he came back. After 20 minutes Rod went into the pub, and there was Jim sitting with four of his employees. Rod tried to get Jim to leave the table and serve him privately, but Jim wouldn’t budge, so Rod served him then and there. Jim, in an effort to avoid service, asked what the papers were and who they were for. Rod said they were for him, Jim, and Jim said, “Oh yeah, when I see Jim, I’ll give these to him!”. Rod then took Jim’s picture out of his pocket, showed it to Jim, and said “you’re served!”.

Always Pay Your Legal Bills

Rod was trying for weeks to catch one of the worst kind of defendants – a man who hadn’t paid his legal bills! We put in extra unpaid efforts to catch such people (we’ll call this particular offender “Gordy”) in order to keep costs down for clients. Rod had been able to get to the culprit’s apartment door several times, but short of yelling “fire” the man wouldn’t open the door. One Saturday afternoon when Rod was finishing his tour of services, he spotted Gordy in his Range Rover going the opposite direction. Rod did a quick U-turn and followed him until he parked at the Cleveland Dam parking lot on Capilano Road. It appeared Gordy was showing some friends the sights of the North Shore. Rod parked at the other side of the parking lot and walked toward Gordy as he was retrieving something from the back of his vehicle. When 10 metres away, Rod shouted “Gordy!” as though he had just encountered a long-lost buddy. Gordy spun around shouting back “Yesss!”, but his smile disappeared when he saw Rod. It was too late, as Rod quickly touched him with the papers and turned to walk back to his car. Gordy started chasing Rod, so Rod ran past his own car, across Capilano road, and into a yard where he hid and phoned his son to pick him up. Rod returned for his car later, and the lawyer got his cheque from Gordy!

You Can’t Hide From The Naked Truth

Dean was attempting service on a woman way out on the far side of Mission. He consulted his map book and set out to serve her. Dean found the address and, as luck would have it, encountered a huge black gate before him. He then went through the usual routine to get her attention – he honked his horn, flashed his lights, and let out a loud “hello, hello!”. At this point, the massive gate began to open. Dean got out of his car, and walked into what he discovered to be a wide open, beautiful property. He then heard a male voice say “welcome… to our nudist camp!”, and looked over his shoulder to see a naked fellow standing behind him with a smile on his face. Dean, understandably shaken, gathered his composure, and asked for Mrs. —–, to which the naked man replied “follow me”. A few moments later he saw the woman, pointed her out to Dean, and called her name. After she turned and saw Dean, she began to run away – like the man, entirely nude – and attempted to hide. After several minutes of looking, Dean, sleuth that he is, found her hiding in a cedar bush. “You’re served,” he said, “have a nice day!”.

Sign Him Up!

Rod recently had to serve a very evasive woman at the Vancouver International Airport and was provided with very detailed information from our client. The woman came to the exact place she was supposed to be at and she fit her description perfectly. The woman saw Rod approach and looked away. Rod called her name but she ignored him and she tried to escape down a crowded escalator. As soon as she got off the escalator she started to run, so Rod placed the documents against her arm and said “You are served” to which she replied “I don’t want them” and ran away faster dropping the documents on the floor. A young man saw the lady “drop” her documents so he picked them up and ran through the airport after her. The last time Rod saw the young man he was chasing the woman and yelling “You dropped these!” and the woman was yelling back “I don’t want them!”. Rod thought the fellow may have a future in Process serving!!!

Pictures Say A Thousand Words!

Rod was recently asked to serve an individual at his place of business. On Rod’s first attempt he found that the door to the business was locked, but after knocking for several minutes, a male finally answered the door. Rod asked for the Defendant and the man advised Rod that the Defendant had been let go six months ago and they had not heard from him since. As Rod was leaving he recorded the description and licence plate number of a vehicle that was parked in front of the business. After speaking to the client, it was concluded that the man had lied to Rod. Rod returned to the business address and finally after 4 attempts the same man came to the door. Rod said the Defendant’s name and the man said “Yeah?”. Rod advised the man that he had legal documents for him, at which time the man again said that the Defendant had been let go six months ago. Rod then reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph and showed it to the Defendant, saying “I have your photo”. Argument over!!! The man took the documents and went inside.

Nice Run!

Recently, Rod was asked to serve documents on a Defendant by leaving them with the Defendants mother, as per a sub-service Order. When Rod arrived at the mothers residence he found that there was a German Shepherd on the front porch. Eventually a woman came out to see why the dog was barking. Rod called out her name and she replied “yes”. But, when she realized Rod had documents for her, she told Rod that she was not the Defendants mother and did not know him. Rod served the woman, knowing that she was the Defendants mother. The woman threw the documents, which then fell apart all over the yard. The woman scooped up the documents and started to chase Rod for two blocks, until she eventually returned home. When Rod returned to his vehicle a neighbour who was in his yard said to Rod “Nice Run!” and someone who had been looking through a nearby dumpster also said “I guess she didn’t want the papers!!”

Pay Attention To The Little Details

Recently Rod had one hour to pickup documents downtown and serve an elderly gentleman in the Dunbar area of Vancouver. The client only knew the Defendants address and that he had white hair and thick black framed glasses. With 25 minutes left until the 4:00 p.m. deadline, Rod was only two blocks away from the house when he saw a white haired man drive past him in the opposite direction of the house. Rod also noticed condensation coming from the cars exhaust, indicating that the car had only been turned on in the past few minutes. Rod had time for a ten minute chase, so he did a U-turn and within 2 minutes he was beside the gentlemans vehicle on Broadway. He was wearing thick black framed glasses!! The man pulled over to park, Rod jumped out of his car and served the man with 20 minutes to spare. Fortunately it was the right man and he would not have been served if Rod had gone to his house.

Aren’t Cell Phones Great?

Rod recently had to serve an agent in a downtown realty office. On Rod’s first two attempts, the agents assistant told Rod he would have to make an appointment to see him. Rod managed to get the agents cell number and called him to advise him he had a delivery for him and the agent said he would be in his office in ten minutes. The agent must have figured out what the delivery was, because when Rod arrived at his office his assistant told Rod the agent was not in and that Rod did not have an appointment. Rod twice got the assistant to go to the agents office insisting that an appointment had been made and that the agent would be there. Both times she returned and said that the agent was not in. Rod hit redial on his cell phone and the cell phone of a man who had been standing behind the assistant the entire time began to ring. Immediately the agent looked at Rod and signaled him into his office where Rod served him. The agent who had been standing there the entire time had heard the whole conversation and realized that he didn’t need any further embarrassment!

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